Together, we organise the Days of Communications, a national advertising festival featuring industry competitions (Effie, IdejaX, and Young Lions), HURA’s HOWtoWOW marketing academy, BalCannes regional marketing agency showcase and numerous other projects.

Our goal is to improve market conditions and advance the entire industry, which includes lobbying, negotiating with legislators, promoting the profession, conducting research, producing industry statistics, consulting and more.

Abroad, we work as a part of EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies), and we are the exclusive representative of Cannes Lions and Effie Worldwide for Croatia.

7 Reasons why clients are better off working with HURA member agencies

1. Quality and success

Membership in HURA is an indicator of the agency’s quality and success. According to 2016 research by Ipsos, one in two advertisers thinks that membership in HURA is an indicator of the agency’s success and quality.

2. Market leaders

HURA member agencies are proven leaders in their expert fields. They represent more than half of total marketing budgets in Croatia and they are the creators of almost all major domestic initiatives aiming to improve the market.

3. Professional capacity

In order to be accepted as HURA members, agencies have to demonstrate a high level of professional capacity. HURA agencies achieve admirable results in domestic and foreign industry competitions.

4. Financial stability

In order to be accepted as HURA members, agencies have to prove their financial stability.

5. Standards

HURA member agencies conduct their business according to the relevant legal, regulatory and ethical standards, including the Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications (HURA) and the Code of Ethics in Business (Croatian Chamber of Commerce).

6. Best practice

Through training, research, education and development, HURA promotes good practice in various fields, from education and training programmes for agency personnel or regular research to guidelines and recommendations on best practices in the industry, such as those in connection with pitching or cooperation with agencies.

7. Information and data

HURA member agencies are the first to gain access to the most up to date information, data, statistics and research, which they are free to use to their clients’ benefit.

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