EACA launches Care Awards® 2010

Members of the European Parliament to judge Social Marketing Campaigns.Do you have a creative marketing or advertising campaign with a message on environmental or humanitarian issues?

Enter the EACA Care Awards now!
The (EACA) Care Awards for European SocialMarketing Campaigns, recognise excellence in promoting care forpeople, resources and the environment. They are part of theEACA’s overall commitment to promote Corporate SocialResponsibility and are linked to the ACT Responsible online galleryand the ACT Responsible World Tour. The EACA Care Awards 2010 willbe judged by a panel of Members of the European Parliament(MEPs) chaired by German MEP Thomas Mann, (European Peoples’Party), together with other MEP’s, representatives of mediaagencies and stakeholders – so entering this award represents aunique opportunity to present your CSR work to an importantpolitical audience.

Winners will be announced at the European Parliament in Brusselson the 23rd of June 2010 from 18:00 to 20.30 and works will befeatured at the Euro Effies® Awards Gala in September.

Entry deadline: 2nd April 2010.

To enter the competition follow this link: www.careawards.eu.

More information available on request by email to: [email protected].

Good luck!